Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maui and the sun

Once upon a time there were five brothers and a boy named Maui.

Maui went fishing and hunting. They had no time to eat their food because the yellow bright burning Ra went down and he couldn't eat.

Then Maui called his brothers and he had an idea.They went behind the enormous rock and Maui said, "we can make flax ropes." "When they're ready we can go back to the enormous rocks," said the brothers. Maui said,"I will count up to three 1,2,3." They jumped out from behind the enormous rocks and he grabbed the flax ropes.

They chucked the flax  ropes onto the ra and they pulled and pulled. The ra pulled that way and pulled the other way."Stop, stop," groaned the ra, "you're killing me, can't you see I'm nearly dead." They didn't care. The ra went slowly and slowly on his way across the sky. Now Maui had lots of time to fish, hunt and eat they food all in the light of ra.

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  1. I love your drawing Tepaia and your pig story was funny. from Chloe