Thursday, 23 July 2015

Robin Hood

 A long long time ago there was a boy named Robin Hood he lived in Sherwood Forest and they had a big town called Nottingham. Robin Hood stole some money to give to the poor people the poor people didn't have any money so Robin Hood gave them some money to buy some food. One of the outlaws was the first one to hear about the new of the contest. Robin Hood had a disguise to go to the contest he was wearing all black for the disguise the archers  were there.

Robin Hood was in a contest with targets and the arrows Robin  Stepped up to the line and he took a careful aim he did it 4x and one of the  arrows of the nose broke Robin won  the cup and the soldiers were walking up to Robin and they said,"stop right there."

The soldiers were chasing after him but Robin got away and he was showing off his cup.

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