Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Our trip to stardome

Last Thursday Rooms 9, room 10, room 7, room 8, and room 6 went on a trip to Star dome. First we had a little talk about what was going to happen. After a few minutes later we went to go and eat our morning tea. After that we went to the bus and when we went to get on the bus it was so hot. I was so hot and I really had to hop off because I was getting very dizzy. When we got to the Star dome we went to go and sit on the grass and then the teacher went over the rules because if we didn't we what of broke something. Then a few minutes later we went inside then a man named John talk to us. Then we went into a big room with lots of chairs. The man named John talked to us about the solar system. After that we did a little quiz and My team name was space girls. After the quiz we went to go and sit down on the ground and then John took us into a big big room and then played a little video. After the video we went back outside then we sat down and we waited for the bus then we got on the bus and then went back to school.

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