Wednesday, 29 November 2017


This morning room 9 had to get split up because our home teacher was sick and we had no relever. So miss West had to call out the roll and go to her mail and see what group we were in. Also to see what class we were in. So we got sent to Miss Gaston class room 25. When we got to the class they weren't there so me and my friend Jazzelle went to go and look for them. So then we found them and they were in the Wharefono doing taekwondo. So one person from room 25 had to go up and hit the white board here are the colors of the broad green, yellow, black, blue and white. Then miss Gaston asked if we wanted a turn and we said yes we give it a try. Then When we got up there we were shy but the we got confident and put our feet on the whiteboard and  we kicked it then it hurt our feet  then we kicked it on more time and it broke in half. Then we moved onto the yellow board and we did the same thing but me and Jazzelle didn’t want a turn so then the other class came so we had to leave back to room 25.

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