Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tepaia-Egg Race

Hello and welcome,Today we went on a little trip to the park. With our little buddy an egg,
Well yes an egg HAHAHAHA I know right. That’s really funny but not as funny read on to find
out what happend.

First we got our little friends, Then we had to draw on them and then we had to name the little
friend egg. After that we lined up and  covered the egg to make sure we don’t break it. After a
few minutes we left the classroom and we headed to the playground.

When we got to the playground we got into a group of 4-5 and then we took a photo then we
had a race. When we did the race only 4 people cracked their eggs and they are Aj, Ezra,
Lennox and caleb.When they got back from the race the were dirty with egg yoke. After a while
they had to take a photo and then they went to go and clean themselve.

Then we headed back to class. What I think about the egg friend experience. What I thought
about the experience I had today was cool and funny.

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