Thursday, 24 May 2018

Tepaia-Fangs But No Fangs

No Fangs

1) Where does this story take place?


2) Why did Madeline decide to go for a walk?

Because She Was Really Bored.

3) What is Lydia protesting about outside the castle?

>Lydia Was Protesting Because People were Really Scared To Go Near The Castle.

4) What does the term “Blood substitute” mean?

>It Means Products You Can Taste And There Was Real Blood In It But It Was Vegetarian Blood.

5) Page 4. Why does the Dad get angry?

>The Dad Got Angry Because Madeline Said It’s Twenty First Century And They Needed To Stop Suking Real Blood Out Of Humans.

6) How old is the Dad?

> He Is Really Old But His Age Is 5,000 Years Old

7) Do you think that Madeline’s Aunty drinks human blood? Why/ Why not?

>No, Because The Book Says “You Wont Know The Difference” And I Won’t HAve You Turning Into A Shampiar Like The Crazy Aunt Of Yours!

8) Why do you think Madeline forgot about Sunlight being dangerous to her?

>Because She Was Sick Of Depressing Castel And She Was Sick Of Being Looked At And She Was Sick Of Being Alone So She Left The Room,Crossed The Courtyard And Flung Open The Main Door, And She Walked Right Into The Sunlight.

9) Do you think that the Dad will ever change his mind about drinking human blood? Why/ Why not?

> Yes, He Might Make His Mind Up From Drinking Real Human Blood To Be Drinking Fake Blood To make His Daughter Happy When She Becomes Happy He Might Let His Daughter Have Friends Over.

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