Monday, 15 August 2016

Egg 20m sprint

Egg 20m sprint

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: write an interesting recount by adding detail to the end of our sentences.

On Monday morning on August the 1st Mr Baxendine’s class  went to the park to do the 20meter sprint. When we got there we got to draw on our egg. For my egg I gave her some eyes, a mouth and hair.  My  egg’s name was Tepaia.

First we walked to the park then we got an egg and a spoon. We had to race to the other side of the park. I was nervous because my egg dropped four times but it didn't crack. We had to go under one thing and over one thing. I did it but my egg was about to crack.  

My class and I made it to the end but some of us didn't make it to the end because some of our eggs cracked. I made it because I was taking my time. We had to go all the way back to the other side.

My favorite part of the egg race was the end because most of the class had dropped their eggs.

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