Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Into The Cave

One hot and warm day we went on an adventure through the cave . When we got to the other side of the cave we saw a big beanstalk so we climbed up to the very top. When we got to the top we were standing on the cloud and we saw a big castle

We went into the castle and there were big giants. Only one giant called see us but she was friendly and her name was rose when she saw us she picked me my dad and mum up and took us to her room. She asked us why did we come here and we said because we came on an adventure. So after all that she put us into a big jar. When rose got back she let us go.

then we ran away but my dad saw some gold and and a golden egg so he ran as fast as he can and he got the gold and the golden egg but the king giant woke up and started to run after us but as soon as we got to the bottom my dad threw the gold and the golden egg to us. Then he jumped down and then as so quickly he ran to get the axe and started to chop the beanstalk down

The giants well never bother us again. By the way plus our family lived happily ever after.
                                                          THE END  

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