Monday, 17 October 2016

The little boat

One day me and my dad went to go fishing in pt england school beach. We were having lots of fun but then we heard a sound like a shark came out of know were. T he shark made a big hole in the bout and I was scared but my dad said to me keep calm and I did.

When I looked under the bout and there were sharks surrounding us. When me and my dad called for help only my mum could here us so she called the helicopter man to come and get us. So I went up first and then my dad came up second.

Then the helicopter man scered the sharks away with there thing on top of their helicopter when they did we were saved from the helicopter.  When we got back the helicopter landed on the sand and put up a sign that said sharks sighted.And our family

lived happily ever after.When we got back we had fish for dinner delicious  THE END

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