Thursday, 28 June 2018

Tepaia - Chicago Writing

It was a cold morning, and the streets of Chicago were quiet. No one had ventured out of their homes. Everyone was still in bed. Except for Mr Goodwin. He was late. Late for his conference!

As he ran down the street he dropped his…Keys.

Then when he got to his car he was trying to look for his keys but then he thought I dropped my keys NO. I'm never going to make it to my meeting OHH.

Then he started running to look for his keys but he couldn't find them. Then he said i'm never going to make it to my conference but then someone walked up to him. Then Mr Goodwin said I lost my keys but then that person said what these keys and he said yeah thanks.

Mr Burt Had the keys he gave the keys to Mr Goodwin but he was already late but Mr Burt said you still could make it so he ran to his car started the engine. His conference was already over so he went back home and layed down and started to cry.

But then all you could hear is a loud knock he went to go and check and it was the conference person he asked why were you late to our meeting and he said I lost my keys and he said it's fine we're having a meeting tomorrow and your invited and Mr Goodwin said thanks.

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