Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Tepaia - Free Writing


Hello guys if you are wondering where I have been I was just doing work on my Chromebook.

And guess what this is my free writing so I get to talk about anything so yeah let’s get into it.

Greeting to all my name is Tepaia a have just turned 11 on the 18th of June and yeah that’s the end of my story BYE… JOKES

HAHAHA I am in room 8 math and my teachers are Mr Goodwin, Miss Parrant and Miss Szymanik and I like to learn about math and much more.

I don’t like to learn about subject that I have already learned. I like when we have some free time when we are good.

My favorite color is Black, White, and Purple. My favorite food is Butter Chicken I really love Butter Chicken. My favorite animal is a cheetah and last but not least My favorite T.V. show is Nickelodeon

Thanks for checking out my blog Guys I hope I see you next time Bye.

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