Friday, 7 July 2017

Last day of school

Today is Friday the 7th of July. That was the day when school had finished. Now we are in our holidays and holidays are cool. But sometimes holidays can be boring just because we have know one to play with or talk to. sometimes I will go to camp or go to our holiday program and play games or do activities and that is the end of my story bye.Image result for good bye pikachu gif

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  1. Kia ora Tepaia! I love the picture that you have chosen for your final blog of Term 2. My son, Aronui, absolutely loves Pikachu. In fact, he asked for a Pokeball cake for his recent birthday party!

    Both Aronui and I are spending the holidays blogging with students as part of the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. Please consider joining us by logging onto the Winter Learning Journey site, clicking on the Weekly Activities tab and choosing from one of the 21 options that are posted there. You can do the activities at any time and in any order that you want to.

    Hope to see you online blogging this holiday!

    Rachel :)