Thursday, 22 October 2015


I like P.E because you get to do lots of different activities. Like rob the nest, throwing under arm and overarm. We got to be the first class to do activities first we went to rob the nest. Then we lined up to go to the next activities. The second one we went to was you have to throw two balls then you have to run around into the hoops. If they got both balls in the hoops you have to stop. 

Navy band

Today the navy band came to PTengland school we were having lots fun we sang up town funk and happy. My favourite part was spongebob square pants because we got to sing his favourite song. We were dancing around a lot. They had prizes to give out to people but they had to say some questions if you get it right you had to go and stand next to the people and you got to test them if there on tunes. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My best day in the holidays

Wow! What an exciting day I had on had on Thursday because I went with my mum and my dad to farmers and I brought some new socks and the colors were red, yellow, blue, green.

The best thing that happened was that I got to choose anything I wanted so I chose like chocolate and other things too. But my mum didn't have that much money to buy my stuff. I chose to get a scooter because it was $25. We went to the counter, then they scanned the scooter. They put it in a plastic bag and we went home.

I felt so excited when we went home because I was playing on my scooter. The  color was pink and purple. I got to have lots of turns on my scooter.