Friday, 5 July 2019

Scratch Animation

For my scratch animation I have done some countries from the 7 continents North America,Asia and Africa I hope use liked my animation.

Matariki Day

On Matariki day I was put in Mr Vogts group but he wasent here on friday so I had to go and see Mr Somerville so I could get put in another group. I went to go and see him and I got put into Whaea Kelly and Whaea Francis group. The first thing we had to do was introduce ourselves what we had to say was your name,age and what your favorite ice-cream flavor was. Once we had finished introducing ourselves we had to learn a new song. After a while it was morning tea then we got to go and play outside after morning tea we had to line up outside of the whare fono. The year 5 up got to go and play with Whaea Francis and the little kids done coloring in. Then it was lunch time we got to go and play outside but after lunch we lined up and went inside to get our bags and to lined up properly. Then we got a treat then we lined up and went to the hall.