Monday, 16 March 2020

Tepaia choose it narrative

Once upon a time there had once lived a girl named Mia, Mia was not a human she was a mermaid and she was not like every other mermaid she was different to others. She was a mermaid that always listened to people she was a friendly mermaid but the others didn't really care about listening and they were mean.

One day Mia went out with her friends and her friends aren't that nice. They took Mia to a place she had never been before. She was getting far from home and she was getting scared. A while later they had made it to Atlantis where all the fish and other underwater creatures had lived.

Mia was so surprised and she liked it there but her friends wanted to go because they have been there lots of times but Mia didn't want to leave she wanted to stay so her friends left her and Mia was but herself she was not scared anymore because it was such a beautiful place.

She was not scared there, she swam all the way down until she had reached a cave. She went inside the cave and she heard someone, she got scared and hid behind a big rock. What she had seen was a mermaid but she was evil. Mia got caught and she was scared the evil mermaid said what are you doing down here this is my cave.

Mia saw lots of potions, she even saw a potion that had said human legs. Mia was not as scared anymore. She asked the evil mermaid is that potion to give legs to anyone and the evil mermaid said yes. Mia asked if she could use some of it and the evil mermaid said yes but make sure don't drink all of it and Mia said OK.

She had a drink of the potion and it didn't work until a few minutes she had legs and she also could still breath under water she said to the evil mermaid thank you I have always wanted legs Mia also said by the way my name is Mia and the evil mermaid said my name is Maleficent and all you could see is Mia rushing out of the cave well saying goodbye.

Mia had made it back to Atlantis and she swam all the way home but she was scared because she didn't want her parents to find out what she had done so she swam all the way to shore and walked up on to the sand she was having trouble because she had never new how to work her new legs.

Mia went up onto the road and she nearly got ran over but a man ran over and grabbed her she got scared of him and ran to the water but when the man tried to grab her to see if she was OK Mia was already gone she swam back to the cave because she knew she wouldn't be like the human people. When she got to the cave she begged Maleficent for her tail back.

Maleficent said i'll give you the potion to get back your tail she said I never do this but since I haven't had a visitor in ages here is the potion Mia drank all of it and in a few minutes she had her tail back she said thank you so much bye she swam back to her home and she had always went back to visit Maleficent.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

My Te Whare Tapa Wha

Task description: What I had to do for this presentation is I had to explain the 4 walls of Te Whare  Tapa Wha. I also had to explain how I can do the things from the 4 walls.

Monday, 9 March 2020


Task description : This week we have been learning how to do division in different ways. So what  I had to do is  to split the numbers and make them equal up to the original number. Here are some things i have learnt.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

My story

Once upon a time there were two ugly step sisters and a very mean mother. Cinderella was a beautiful girl, but Cinderella was sad and lonely while sitting by the fire. The two ugly sisters had an invitation to go to the ball. But Cinderella had to wash and clean the whole house."The King's son will be there," he said. "I am looking for a wife."He might choose me," the ugly sister said. On the night of the grand ball the ugly sisters said, "make our dresses."Cinderella had made the dresses. The ugly sister said, "I have the most beautiful dress ever."Cinderella asked her stepmother if she can go to the ball.

But she said, "make the most beautiful dress ever for me."So her stepmother locked her down in the basement. Her small friend went to grab the key from her stepmother while she was talking to the knight and she got out of the basement. They were already gone and the fairy godmother said "don't cry I'll tap this pumpkin. It turned into a coach and the mice turned into six gray horses and her gown turned into a beautiful dress. The fairy godmother had said,"remember to leave at midnight unless your gown will turn into a ragged gown again.

She went on the beautiful coach. When she got there she had a dance with the King's son and it was 12 am, then she ran away and she dropped her glass slippers. Then in the morning the servants went around looking for Cinderella and they searched the whole land and they went to the stepmother's house and they tried the shoes on the ugly sisters. Then they went fighting over the shoes. They tried the shoes on Cinderella and it just fits her. The prince had a dance with the princess. They got married. They lived happily ever after.
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