Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Genomics Hui

In this presentation I had talked about what we had done on Monday October 30th.

Thursday, 24 October 2019


Task Description: Me and my whole class had made a copy of this presentation and we had to talk about all of the genomics we had learnt about and cells. We had to explain what we had just watched of the video and we had to give bullet points.

A special place where I would like to take my family

Image result for Rainbows end
Have you ever wanted to take your family somewhere for a special event? Like a birthday, Reunions with family, Or just to have fun. Well there are way more things to choose from.

Where I would like to take my family is to rainbows end because I want them to have a good time with each other and me. When we are at home we all just go on our phones and laptops actually anything that has to do with the internet.

The second reason why I would like to go there is because I know I would have fun with family and I know that they would have fun with other people going on rides and lots more.

The third reason why is because We can just get out of the house and get some fresh air because when we stay home we don't go outside and play we stay inside doing boring stuff. Playing games and way more.

Where would you like to take your family? Would you like to take your family on a trip or more? Well the reason why I have chosen rainbows end is because it is the closest thing to where we live and we can just drive there. But there are way more places to choose from right but I have chosen there is because there are lots of cool rides all of us can go on and have fun with each other.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Mewburn week1 Reading


Task Description: What I have had to do in the problem solving presentation is I had to explain Percents, Fractions and Decimals.

Ratio Practice

Task description: What I have done in this math today is I had to explain what are ratios with some questions.

German Dance

Task Description: We had to get into a group of 4 It was Akanesi, Brooklyn, Nahea and I. Our whole class had to do a traditional dance called the German dance. We had to watch a tutorial step by step when we had to make a little circle. After we had finished learning the dance we had to stand up an do it with the song.

What do I know?

Task description: What I had to do was I had to explain what I have seen on the poems that I have Read.