Sunday, 9 December 2018

Tepaia - Camp 2018

Have you ever heard of camp bent son well we went on a adventure read on to find out more.

Well on the first day of camp we had to take all the bags to the deck and go back for more. After that we lined up on the ground next to the volleyball court. Then got our day bags and started to walk up killer hill.
It was stupid walking up killer hill because it was on the first day and we just got there.
When we got to the top we had a little break then we started walking again. After a little walk we had a snack then we started walking again.

Then when we made it out of killer hill we went up onto grass and had lunch. After we had lunch we got to go and play on the beach. After are play we had to get our stuff and we got ready to go. Then when we got back we had dinner then we watched a movie.

On day 2 we had activities to do so we had our breakfast then we brush our teeth the we went to go and line up on the deck then we went to our activities.

There was four groups Benton,Mansion, Kawau and Katz but I was in mansion A.

Mansion A first activity was abseil then the next was kayak then rafts and bivouac.

On day 3 we done some more activity and my favourite highlight was when we always got to go for a swim

Tepaia - Who am I challenge?

Have you ever heard of the Who Am I Challenge? Well room 8 had done that well read on and find out more.

Well the first thing we had to do was to get a partner and my partner was Jazzelle Miss Parrant said go and find a table.

After we found a table Miss Parrant had came a gave us a piece of paper. She had said not to look at the paper or we are going to get disqualified.

I put the paper on my head and I guessed and I said am I a food a dancer or a singer she said to me “I don’t know” so she had searched to person up and it was a singer and said that she sings raora I said Katy perry she said “Yes”.

I had thought that this game was good and it did go well and i thought I wasn't gonna get any right.

Tepaia - Kawau island twisted

As we packed our bags and put it onto the bus we had to go back line up in the breeze. And we went to go and sit in the bus and when we left we were singing “la la la la la” Then we stopped we took all our bags of the but then we went and said “Hello” to our bout driver. He told us to make a chain and pass the bags down to him so we did. After putting our bags on the bout we got on and sat down.

We were all watching the sea and we finally got there. We done the same things with our bags put we had to take them onto the deck. The we had to go for a walk then suddenly a wallaby came out of nowhere then i'm thinking in my head “Aye what THE” then the wallaby kicked but missed then we ran away screaming “Ah” there's more coming then Miss Parrant shouted run to the mansion. “Aye” Everyone said “We made it out” then BANG everyone screamed “AHHHHH”.

Everyone went into one spot scared and screaming then they all ran outside because they had heard about “HELP HELP HELP” shouted everyone the bout had heard them and they quickly rushed to them what happened?. “Nothing But can we get a ride PLEASE” the all shouted. Hop on then quickly they all traveled home safely. BUT THAT WAS THE LAST TIME THEY WENT THERE HA HA?.

Tepaia - Kawau island Wildlife

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Tepaia cave art animation

Hi my name is tepaia and this is my animation about cave art. long long time ago there were mammoths that were attacked by hunters the baby mammoth freaked out and got scared but the older mammoth killed 2 hunters then a cyber tooth tiger came along and tried to kill the mammoth but the mammoth killed the tiger then more hunters came one shot the baby mammoth and the other was trying to kill the older mammoth but the mammoth killed the hunter then the mammoth ran back to the baby.