Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Tepaia - Who Am I?

Have you ever heard of the Who Am I Challenge? Well room 8 had done that today well read on and find out more.

Well the first thing we had to do was to get a partner and my partner was Jazzelle Miss Parrant said go and find a table.

After we found a table Miss Parrant had came a gave us a piece of paper. She had said not to look at the paper or we are going to get disqualified.

I put the paper on my head and I guessed and I said am I a food a dancer or a singer she said to me “I don’t know” so she had searched to person up and it was a singer and said that she sings raora I said Katy perry she said “Yes”.

I had thought that this game was good and it did go well and i thought I wasn't gonna get any right.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tepaia - Marshmallow Challenge

Have you ever heard of the marshmallow challenge? Well the rules are very simple, you are given 25 bits of pasta (uncooked spaghetti), a long piece of tape, a marshmallow and some string. Today this is what we did in my class.

We had to go and sit in the blue space. I was in a group with Quincess, Akanesi, Paige and Nevayah. Then Miss Parrant said 3,2,1 GO!!! We all stood up and ran to a table, My group was trying to plan but we just started. We put the marshmallow on the table and pushed some of the pasta into the marshmallow.

After we did that we got the bit of string and put it around the pasta. Then we tied it into a bow, Then we got the tower and flipped it over and stuck it onto the table with the tape. Then we got the leftover pasta and stuck it into the marshmallow. Then we had to take it of because the pasta on top was coming off. It was tilting and looked like it would be impossible to work.

It was looking like we wouldn’t finish so we started again. We took the marshmallow off and put tape around the tower of pasta to try and hold it together. Then we put the marshmallow on top and our tower looked tall and big. When we let it go it was standing straight. We had managed to create a tower that stood by itself.

I was really happy with our tower because we were one of the only groups to have one standing. It looked a little bit ugly but it’s fine because it worked. We worked well as a team.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Tepaia - Term 4 Goals

This term is going to be exciting because film festival is coming up. My goals for this term is get better at Maths and drawing. I want to learn how to get more detail on drawing. This term i want to achieve reading and go up another level. This year we got film festival and my goals for this year is to get smarter and get better at drawing and putting more detail on my drawing and maybe I could and some graphics.