Thursday, 28 June 2018

Tepaia - Chicago Writing

It was a cold morning, and the streets of Chicago were quiet. No one had ventured out of their homes. Everyone was still in bed. Except for Mr Goodwin. He was late. Late for his conference!

As he ran down the street he dropped his…Keys.

Then when he got to his car he was trying to look for his keys but then he thought I dropped my keys NO. I'm never going to make it to my meeting OHH.

Then he started running to look for his keys but he couldn't find them. Then he said i'm never going to make it to my conference but then someone walked up to him. Then Mr Goodwin said I lost my keys but then that person said what these keys and he said yeah thanks.

Mr Burt Had the keys he gave the keys to Mr Goodwin but he was already late but Mr Burt said you still could make it so he ran to his car started the engine. His conference was already over so he went back home and layed down and started to cry.

But then all you could hear is a loud knock he went to go and check and it was the conference person he asked why were you late to our meeting and he said I lost my keys and he said it's fine we're having a meeting tomorrow and your invited and Mr Goodwin said thanks.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Have you ever had a Matariki day at school? Well Pt England school had gotten split up into small groups there was activities like Craft, Sport, Cooking and Movie Making. Well if you are really wanting to know what group I was in READ BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE.

On friday we had a matariki day at our school. We had to get split up. My teacher Miss Szymanik said that I was in sport but I wanted to go with my friend. I was in the hall then she said get your bag and go so I left with my bag. As Soon as I was walking to my group I asked if anyone from my class was in my group but there was no one going there. There was lots of people already there so I went in and sat down. In my group was Madison, Jeremiah, Jane, Puniru and much more people.

Then Miss Vaafusuaga, Mr Moran and Mr Wiseman walked in. Then Miss Vaafusuaga was there to take the roll and to see if anyone was missing but every one was there then we had a little talk and Miss Vaafusuaga said we are going to have rotations there was group 1 and group 2. The little kids got sent to cooking and we were sent to dodgeball and group 1 got sent to ki o'rahi.

My friend Pelenilose was there she was with me the whole day. After a little while Mr Moran said ‘ok’ you have to face the wall and put your arms straight then he said 3, 2, 1 GO! Then Me, Pelenilose and Puniru stayed in then me and Pelenilose got out it was just Puniru and two other boy’s. Then it was Morning tea we had a little play then we had to go back to the hall.

Then it was our turn to go ki o'rahi group 1 went to cooking and all the little kids went to dodgeball. When we went to ki o'rahi my friend pelenilose was there with me. We both were trying to get the ball but we didn't get it then all of a sudden the ball came flying down into Pelenilose arms and I looked at her and said ran and she stood there then she gave the ball to the boy. I stared at her and gigelled and she told me to shhh so I did. Then we kept on going and it was our turn to cook. We had to wash our hand then go into the kicken there was group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4 and group 5. Group 1 and group 2 went to make pikelets and group 3,group 4, grope 5 was making Rice Bubble Cupcake.

Jaylim had to do the butter, I had to do the surger, Naomi had to do the honey, Jonathan had to do the cooking and tepua had to place it in the cupcake paper. Then we had to wait then we ate it. Then it went to lunch time we had a big play then the bell rang then we went back to the hall . Then it was assembly time after assemble it was time to go home.