Friday, 30 August 2019

Measuring Angles

How to be a good friend

Introduction: Happy, Funny, Smiley that is what you expect anyone could be friends with but it is more than you thought. They might be mean, bad and get angry for no reason is not a good friend. Being mean can make someone hate you but whenever you get a friend you treat them right, but today I am going to tell you three main tips on how to be a good friend.

Tip 1: If your friend tells you something you listen you never ignore but you say that you are listening to them because you are lying and when someone is telling you something you do not talk over them once they have finished you can give a opinion.
Example: (Story finished) Yeah well in my opinion next time you should just tell the truth so it doesn't turn bigger.

Tip 2: If your friend has told you a big secret you can never tell anyone because if you do your friend can be really mean to you because you told someone and it could also make you lose your friends trust and it could make them hate you forever. But also saying sorry will not fix it.
Example:(Secret been told) Wow that is a very big secret "you will tell know one right" no I wont I promise.

Tip 3: If you have something to tell your friend but it is not very nice do not lie about it or your friend will know that you are hiding something. But it also could make you lose your friendship and it could end up in a difference place.
Example: (Friend walking up to you) Hey! I need to tell you something but it wont wreck our friendship right? Well um I have told my mum that I was going to your house and I didn't go to your house?  
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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Cushion (Ben Ten)

 Task description: We had to make a cushion for our tech group. My group mates blogs Terapi and Quincess.


Zebra fish Poster

Task description: In this poster me and my partner Losehina had to answer some question about zebra fish. The reason that scientist had experimented on zebra fish is they are like the same to humans.

Friday, 9 August 2019


Wk 2 Dimic Term 3

My Holidays

During the holidays, me and my sisters (Ashley and Aneisha) and my brother (Matthew) went up north to see my niece in kerikeri at the library.

Then my brother told me and his friend to go and get a ball from rebel sports when we got a ball we went to go and play on the field after playing all of us went to go and get something to eat. After eating we went back to the car and left to go back home.

Persuasive Writing

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Fragile web of life

In this photo our class had talked about what is a origin? Like facts and more interesting things about animals and humans. Like how animals evolved and how sea animals were made.
In this photo we had done some interesting work and we had found lots of information like animals were on earth before humans and this is also telling us about how 300 species die everyday.