Sunday, 9 December 2018

Tepaia - Camp 2018

Have you ever heard of camp bent son well we went on a adventure read on to find out more.

Well on the first day of camp we had to take all the bags to the deck and go back for more. After that we lined up on the ground next to the volleyball court. Then got our day bags and started to walk up killer hill.
It was stupid walking up killer hill because it was on the first day and we just got there.
When we got to the top we had a little break then we started walking again. After a little walk we had a snack then we started walking again.

Then when we made it out of killer hill we went up onto grass and had lunch. After we had lunch we got to go and play on the beach. After are play we had to get our stuff and we got ready to go. Then when we got back we had dinner then we watched a movie.

On day 2 we had activities to do so we had our breakfast then we brush our teeth the we went to go and line up on the deck then we went to our activities.

There was four groups Benton,Mansion, Kawau and Katz but I was in mansion A.

Mansion A first activity was abseil then the next was kayak then rafts and bivouac.

On day 3 we done some more activity and my favourite highlight was when we always got to go for a swim

Tepaia - Who am I challenge?

Have you ever heard of the Who Am I Challenge? Well room 8 had done that well read on and find out more.

Well the first thing we had to do was to get a partner and my partner was Jazzelle Miss Parrant said go and find a table.

After we found a table Miss Parrant had came a gave us a piece of paper. She had said not to look at the paper or we are going to get disqualified.

I put the paper on my head and I guessed and I said am I a food a dancer or a singer she said to me “I don’t know” so she had searched to person up and it was a singer and said that she sings raora I said Katy perry she said “Yes”.

I had thought that this game was good and it did go well and i thought I wasn't gonna get any right.

Tepaia - Kawau island twisted

As we packed our bags and put it onto the bus we had to go back line up in the breeze. And we went to go and sit in the bus and when we left we were singing “la la la la la” Then we stopped we took all our bags of the but then we went and said “Hello” to our bout driver. He told us to make a chain and pass the bags down to him so we did. After putting our bags on the bout we got on and sat down.

We were all watching the sea and we finally got there. We done the same things with our bags put we had to take them onto the deck. The we had to go for a walk then suddenly a wallaby came out of nowhere then i'm thinking in my head “Aye what THE” then the wallaby kicked but missed then we ran away screaming “Ah” there's more coming then Miss Parrant shouted run to the mansion. “Aye” Everyone said “We made it out” then BANG everyone screamed “AHHHHH”.

Everyone went into one spot scared and screaming then they all ran outside because they had heard about “HELP HELP HELP” shouted everyone the bout had heard them and they quickly rushed to them what happened?. “Nothing But can we get a ride PLEASE” the all shouted. Hop on then quickly they all traveled home safely. BUT THAT WAS THE LAST TIME THEY WENT THERE HA HA?.

Tepaia - Kawau island Wildlife

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Tepaia cave art animation

Hi my name is tepaia and this is my animation about cave art. long long time ago there were mammoths that were attacked by hunters the baby mammoth freaked out and got scared but the older mammoth killed 2 hunters then a cyber tooth tiger came along and tried to kill the mammoth but the mammoth killed the tiger then more hunters came one shot the baby mammoth and the other was trying to kill the older mammoth but the mammoth killed the hunter then the mammoth ran back to the baby.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Tepaia - Who Am I?

Have you ever heard of the Who Am I Challenge? Well room 8 had done that today well read on and find out more.

Well the first thing we had to do was to get a partner and my partner was Jazzelle Miss Parrant said go and find a table.

After we found a table Miss Parrant had came a gave us a piece of paper. She had said not to look at the paper or we are going to get disqualified.

I put the paper on my head and I guessed and I said am I a food a dancer or a singer she said to me “I don’t know” so she had searched to person up and it was a singer and said that she sings raora I said Katy perry she said “Yes”.

I had thought that this game was good and it did go well and i thought I wasn't gonna get any right.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tepaia - Marshmallow Challenge

Have you ever heard of the marshmallow challenge? Well the rules are very simple, you are given 25 bits of pasta (uncooked spaghetti), a long piece of tape, a marshmallow and some string. Today this is what we did in my class.

We had to go and sit in the blue space. I was in a group with Quincess, Akanesi, Paige and Nevayah. Then Miss Parrant said 3,2,1 GO!!! We all stood up and ran to a table, My group was trying to plan but we just started. We put the marshmallow on the table and pushed some of the pasta into the marshmallow.

After we did that we got the bit of string and put it around the pasta. Then we tied it into a bow, Then we got the tower and flipped it over and stuck it onto the table with the tape. Then we got the leftover pasta and stuck it into the marshmallow. Then we had to take it of because the pasta on top was coming off. It was tilting and looked like it would be impossible to work.

It was looking like we wouldn’t finish so we started again. We took the marshmallow off and put tape around the tower of pasta to try and hold it together. Then we put the marshmallow on top and our tower looked tall and big. When we let it go it was standing straight. We had managed to create a tower that stood by itself.

I was really happy with our tower because we were one of the only groups to have one standing. It looked a little bit ugly but it’s fine because it worked. We worked well as a team.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Tepaia - Term 4 Goals

This term is going to be exciting because film festival is coming up. My goals for this term is get better at Maths and drawing. I want to learn how to get more detail on drawing. This term i want to achieve reading and go up another level. This year we got film festival and my goals for this year is to get smarter and get better at drawing and putting more detail on my drawing and maybe I could and some graphics.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Tepaia - Move Ya Body Animation

Hi my name is Tepaia and this is my animation for Term 3. Our Korero is about Move Ya' Body and our korero is talking about being heathy and fit. my animation is about Netball in netball you have to pass the ball around and run to get it and sometimes you would have to jump for the ball to and if you have the ball you cant run with it. Then you would have to pass the ball to the people in the circle then they could shoot the ball in the hoop.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Tepaia - My Weekend

On friday Point England School had cross country. But I didn't go because I had gotten sick. 

My mum said that I have to go with my sister in law Nadia. We had to go and get the tier fixed because it had no grip. When the car was in the shop getting fixed we went to eat but I only had a DOUGHNUT. 

We had the same thing but we had different drinks. When we got back to the car shop he asked for the key so we gave it then we went inside and Nadia entered the password to the wifi on her phone.

I was bored and I didnt like it but then in a few minutes the car was done the man brange the car out and he told Nadia the tires are alright for now. So we hoped in the car and drove off back to home.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Tepaia - The real story of Princess and the pea

Once upon a time there lived a Prince he was adopted by a queen and the queen made him a prince once he was a child with no mother she had felt sad so the queen adopted him.

Then the prince went on to find him a nice princess but he couldn't find a princess so he went back to his castle. Then he heard a knock then the Prince went to the door and opened it there was a shaggy ugly person she said that she was a princess but they call her Cinderella she was so ugly but when the shaggy ugly Cinderella said if she can come in but the prince said no only if you are here to be my princess.

So the Princess knocked again loudly then before and said can I come in then the queen just popped out of nowhere and said yes you may then she went inside took her clothes off but she had a dress on then the queen said that she has a test to see if she is a real princess.

So the queen said that they planned to put a pea in the bed and she put 20 mattresses down and she came to the bed is my bed done yes replied the queen.

The next Morning the princess which is wanted to call Cinderella came and sat down and also the queen and prince was there they sat down and started to eat they ate and was also talking as they finished they packed everything up and went to Cinderella's room.

Then Cinderella said that it wasn't that comfortable because i felt a rock or something said the Cinderella then the queen said it was a test she did it she pass the test well they said ah than Cinderella said wait it was a test oh bye Im going to find my own prince not one like you Good by.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Tepaia - Measurement

Tepaia - Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

1 a.
50mm  = 5cm

1 b.
80mm  = 8cm

2 a.
30 mm  = 3 cm

2 b.
2 cm  = 20mm

3 a.
10 mm  = 1cm

3 b.
10 cm  = 100mm

4 a.
6 cm  = 60mm

4 b.
7 cm  = 70mm

5 a.
40mm  = 4cm

5 b.
9 cm  = 90mm

6 a.
30mm  = 3cm

6 b.
3 cm  = 30mm

7 a.
10 cm  = 100 mm

100mm  = 10cm

Tepaia - Warming Up, Cooling Down

Tepaia - How to plant a seed.

Tarpaulin, Easy Grow Pots, Soil - Potting Mix, Any Seed That You Want, Water And The Sun First your easy grow pot then put some soil in your pot but make sure it aint filled to the top mayby half way Put in any seed of your choice then put it in your pot. Then add more soil to make it filled up Then after that add some water  Then let it sit in the sun Care for seedlings once Radish amounts to more than just giving them water. Healthy, robust plants produce faster with higher yields. It will take Four weeks for the radish plant to grow. I think that the radish plant will be grown in 5 weeks.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Tepaia - Goldilocks and the three bears Twisted

One hot and sunny day Goldilocks went out for a long journey to go and pick some raspberries and she forgot to lock the door. The three bears went out for a walk and the were tired and Mama bear said can we have a rest and Baby bear said me too and daddy bear said alright okay. Daddy bear said okay we will go there and Baby bear said YAS. They walked right inside.

And sore that there were three porridge for  Mama Bear, Baby Bear and Daddy Bear. Daddy bear went to the small bowl of porridge, Mama bear went to the big bowl and Baby bear went to the medium bowl but Daddy bear said I don't like this it is just right I like mine HOT. Mama bear said i don't like mine either it to hot and i like mine cold. Baby bear said i don't like mine either it is to cold for me I like mine just right. So they all swapped bowls and they all said it is just right but then the sore the chairs.

Daddy bear had a medium chair Mama bear had the big chair and Baby bear had a small chair and Baby bear said said 'This chair is just right'. But Mama bear and Daddy bear had the wrong chair so they swapped and they said 'It is just right'. They went upstairs and Daddy bear had the right bed so did Mama bear and Baby bear they all fell asleep.

Goldilocks was just outside the doors and she hears a loud growl a medium growl and a Baby growl and she wondered what was it so she walked inside and sore all three porridge eaten. She walked into the living room and sore that all three chair's were sat in. She walked up stairs and sore the three bears she screamed AH the bears woke up and sore Goldilocks so they quickly ran down stairs and ran out the door and the three bears never ever came back.

Tepaia - Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name is little red riding hood. One hot and summery day little red riding hood went out for a walk. She came back as soon as she can

Because her grandma was so sick and she was lonely. So the mother made up some food for the grandma and little red riding hood. Little red riding hood went to take the food to the grandmas but she didn't go to the grandmas first. She had a little visit at the grandpas house and the grandpa asked what are you doing here and little red riding hood replied i’m going to visit grandma. 

Then little red riding hood asked grandpa if he wanted to come. He responded yes please then they started to set off. As soon as possible they just made it to grandma's house then the knocked on the door. Then the grandma said who’s there and they said it’s me little red riding hood and grandpa. Oh come in they slowly opened the door then they setted everything up so they can have food. But the grandpa asked little red riding hood if they can have a little talk .Then little red riding hood wen to go and picked some flowers.

Then something went wrong the closet slowly opened then the big humongous wolf came out of the closet and gobbled grandma and grandpa up. The little red riding hood was all online but she didn't know so she walked inside the house and said grandpa i pick some flowers but he didn't reply and she wondered why .She walked into grandma's room. 

Then all you could see was the big bad wolf lying on the bed with a big stomach. Then all you could here is come closer, come a little bit closer then little red riding hood said well grandmother you got really big ears you have, well grandmother you have really big eyes you have well ,grandmother you have really big teeth. Then all you could here was arhhhh you can’t get me then a stranger came to help. Then he quickly opened the door and then all you could see was a wolf chasing little red riding hood. The stranger did something with the wolf he had an axe then grandma and grandpa came back and little red riding hood said how can I thank-you to the stranger and he saw some food and he said you can thank me if you let me have some food with you’s and they said sure and that is my story of little red riding hood

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Tepaia - Free Writing


Hello guys if you are wondering where I have been I was just doing work on my Chromebook.

And guess what this is my free writing so I get to talk about anything so yeah let’s get into it.

Greeting to all my name is Tepaia a have just turned 11 on the 18th of June and yeah that’s the end of my story BYE… JOKES

HAHAHA I am in room 8 math and my teachers are Mr Goodwin, Miss Parrant and Miss Szymanik and I like to learn about math and much more.

I don’t like to learn about subject that I have already learned. I like when we have some free time when we are good.

My favorite color is Black, White, and Purple. My favorite food is Butter Chicken I really love Butter Chicken. My favorite animal is a cheetah and last but not least My favorite T.V. show is Nickelodeon

Thanks for checking out my blog Guys I hope I see you next time Bye.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Tepaia - Chicago Writing

It was a cold morning, and the streets of Chicago were quiet. No one had ventured out of their homes. Everyone was still in bed. Except for Mr Goodwin. He was late. Late for his conference!

As he ran down the street he dropped his…Keys.

Then when he got to his car he was trying to look for his keys but then he thought I dropped my keys NO. I'm never going to make it to my meeting OHH.

Then he started running to look for his keys but he couldn't find them. Then he said i'm never going to make it to my conference but then someone walked up to him. Then Mr Goodwin said I lost my keys but then that person said what these keys and he said yeah thanks.

Mr Burt Had the keys he gave the keys to Mr Goodwin but he was already late but Mr Burt said you still could make it so he ran to his car started the engine. His conference was already over so he went back home and layed down and started to cry.

But then all you could hear is a loud knock he went to go and check and it was the conference person he asked why were you late to our meeting and he said I lost my keys and he said it's fine we're having a meeting tomorrow and your invited and Mr Goodwin said thanks.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Have you ever had a Matariki day at school? Well Pt England school had gotten split up into small groups there was activities like Craft, Sport, Cooking and Movie Making. Well if you are really wanting to know what group I was in READ BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE.

On friday we had a matariki day at our school. We had to get split up. My teacher Miss Szymanik said that I was in sport but I wanted to go with my friend. I was in the hall then she said get your bag and go so I left with my bag. As Soon as I was walking to my group I asked if anyone from my class was in my group but there was no one going there. There was lots of people already there so I went in and sat down. In my group was Madison, Jeremiah, Jane, Puniru and much more people.

Then Miss Vaafusuaga, Mr Moran and Mr Wiseman walked in. Then Miss Vaafusuaga was there to take the roll and to see if anyone was missing but every one was there then we had a little talk and Miss Vaafusuaga said we are going to have rotations there was group 1 and group 2. The little kids got sent to cooking and we were sent to dodgeball and group 1 got sent to ki o'rahi.

My friend Pelenilose was there she was with me the whole day. After a little while Mr Moran said ‘ok’ you have to face the wall and put your arms straight then he said 3, 2, 1 GO! Then Me, Pelenilose and Puniru stayed in then me and Pelenilose got out it was just Puniru and two other boy’s. Then it was Morning tea we had a little play then we had to go back to the hall.

Then it was our turn to go ki o'rahi group 1 went to cooking and all the little kids went to dodgeball. When we went to ki o'rahi my friend pelenilose was there with me. We both were trying to get the ball but we didn't get it then all of a sudden the ball came flying down into Pelenilose arms and I looked at her and said ran and she stood there then she gave the ball to the boy. I stared at her and gigelled and she told me to shhh so I did. Then we kept on going and it was our turn to cook. We had to wash our hand then go into the kicken there was group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4 and group 5. Group 1 and group 2 went to make pikelets and group 3,group 4, grope 5 was making Rice Bubble Cupcake.

Jaylim had to do the butter, I had to do the surger, Naomi had to do the honey, Jonathan had to do the cooking and tepua had to place it in the cupcake paper. Then we had to wait then we ate it. Then it went to lunch time we had a big play then the bell rang then we went back to the hall . Then it was assembly time after assemble it was time to go home.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Tepaia-Fangs But No Fangs

No Fangs

1) Where does this story take place?


2) Why did Madeline decide to go for a walk?

Because She Was Really Bored.

3) What is Lydia protesting about outside the castle?

>Lydia Was Protesting Because People were Really Scared To Go Near The Castle.

4) What does the term “Blood substitute” mean?

>It Means Products You Can Taste And There Was Real Blood In It But It Was Vegetarian Blood.

5) Page 4. Why does the Dad get angry?

>The Dad Got Angry Because Madeline Said It’s Twenty First Century And They Needed To Stop Suking Real Blood Out Of Humans.

6) How old is the Dad?

> He Is Really Old But His Age Is 5,000 Years Old

7) Do you think that Madeline’s Aunty drinks human blood? Why/ Why not?

>No, Because The Book Says “You Wont Know The Difference” And I Won’t HAve You Turning Into A Shampiar Like The Crazy Aunt Of Yours!

8) Why do you think Madeline forgot about Sunlight being dangerous to her?

>Because She Was Sick Of Depressing Castel And She Was Sick Of Being Looked At And She Was Sick Of Being Alone So She Left The Room,Crossed The Courtyard And Flung Open The Main Door, And She Walked Right Into The Sunlight.

9) Do you think that the Dad will ever change his mind about drinking human blood? Why/ Why not?

> Yes, He Might Make His Mind Up From Drinking Real Human Blood To Be Drinking Fake Blood To make His Daughter Happy When She Becomes Happy He Might Let His Daughter Have Friends Over.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Tepaia-Pass the story 2

Once upon a time there was a boy named bob and he loved to build he fell in love with building. He started building at the age of 7 then he started to grow and grow and then he got a job. His job was building set off building houses, buildings and even hotels. But one day he set off to work then all of a sudden he heard a loud banging on his door *BANG BANG BANG* Bob got a fright. He opened the door and all the news reporters came rushing in. Bob was flaustid he did not know what to do. The news reporters said that he had a fin for $1,000 Bob said that he didn't know nothing about it. Then bob tricked the guy and punched the guy in the face and the . Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Friday, 4 May 2018

Tepaia-Time problem solving

walt:Work as a group to solve a maths propblem task description : this week we have been learning about time. we had to solve the task all about time

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Tepaia-Goodbye my fans

Image result for pikachu goodbye gif

Goodbye my blog fans it is the last day of school and I come back

in two weeks time.I'm not leaving the country but ill be back soon bye.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Tepaia-Problem solving week 8


Tepaia-Pass the story

Pass the story

Once upon a time there was a boy named jack and he went on a adventure and it is called Jack and the beanstalk .His mum wanted to sell the cow but jack didn't want to but he left the home and took the cow to find some money and then a man walked up to him with beans. He said it was magic beans.Then Jack went home wondering what he should do with the bean. He left the bean on pence his mum saw the bean in the morning and threw them outside the window when jack the next morning jack went to find the bean.Then Benjamin’s brother Toby farted too he smelled too in the dad was like OMG who was that then we said it was our dog he was running around outside then his dad was like stop lying it's not good to its not good then they just played ps4 on fortnite then we farted the end.

Toby: Benjamin farted oh no, I was knocked out by the smell s the sprinklers from the roof turned on even though wasn’t a fire and out of the corner of my eye could see ben like rocket on the floor turning and twisting, boosting his farts, where… through the roof and the house!

Tepaia-Shellfish Limits

Friday, 16 March 2018

Tepaia-Thank-you letter To Miss Moala

Dear Miss Moala
Thank-you for helping the green machine to become good role models. Thank-you also for hugging us when we go to sleep to make us feel safe.
Here is a BIG thank-you to our leaders for treating us like you’s and here is a thank-you for not yelling at us. My best thing that I did with you was talking.
My best highlight from camp was going kayaking because I kept falling out of the kayak and it was so funny I fell out TWICE.
My second highlight was slip-in-slide because we had lots of challenges like who can go the farest who can run the whole thing without slipping.
I want to say a big thank-you to Miss Moala to spare some time with our crew but you missed your child and I felt sad.
Yours sincerely

Tepaia-Thank-you letter

Dear Brooklyn & Freedom
Here is a BIG thank-you to our leaders for treating us like you’s and here is a thank-you for not yelling at us. My best thing that I did with you was talking.
Here is a thank-you to Brooklyn for being a great role model and put effort in camp to look after us.
Here is a thank-you to Freedom for making sure that we are good and put the same thing like Brooklyn like to put some effort in to camp to become a good role model.Yours sincerely Tepaia

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tepaia-Egg Race

Hello and welcome,Today we went on a little trip to the park. With our little buddy an egg,
Well yes an egg HAHAHAHA I know right. That’s really funny but not as funny read on to find
out what happend.

First we got our little friends, Then we had to draw on them and then we had to name the little
friend egg. After that we lined up and  covered the egg to make sure we don’t break it. After a
few minutes we left the classroom and we headed to the playground.

When we got to the playground we got into a group of 4-5 and then we took a photo then we
had a race. When we did the race only 4 people cracked their eggs and they are Aj, Ezra,
Lennox and caleb.When they got back from the race the were dirty with egg yoke. After a while
they had to take a photo and then they went to go and clean themselve.

Then we headed back to class. What I think about the egg friend experience. What I thought
about the experience I had today was cool and funny.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Tepaia-Telling the time.

Walt: To be able to write the time in word form and number form.   
Walt: Explain my day using time  
Task Description: For this task we learnt how to tell the time. We also learnt how long we are awake and asleep for. we learnt the digital, analog and written from telling the time. We had a chance to attempt the bronze and sliver.

Tepaia- Information about me 2018

Walt: Make sure that I am being Cybersmart

Task Description: 
 For this task we had to make a copy of the presentation above. We filled out each slide and wrote about things related to us or our families. We had to use different online tools to do so.