Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Tepaia - Move Ya Body Animation

Hi my name is Tepaia and this is my animation for Term 3. Our Korero is about Move Ya' Body and our korero is talking about being heathy and fit. my animation is about Netball in netball you have to pass the ball around and run to get it and sometimes you would have to jump for the ball to and if you have the ball you cant run with it. Then you would have to pass the ball to the people in the circle then they could shoot the ball in the hoop.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Tepaia - My Weekend

On friday Point England School had cross country. But I didn't go because I had gotten sick. 

My mum said that I have to go with my sister in law Nadia. We had to go and get the tier fixed because it had no grip. When the car was in the shop getting fixed we went to eat but I only had a DOUGHNUT. 

We had the same thing but we had different drinks. When we got back to the car shop he asked for the key so we gave it then we went inside and Nadia entered the password to the wifi on her phone.

I was bored and I didnt like it but then in a few minutes the car was done the man brange the car out and he told Nadia the tires are alright for now. So we hoped in the car and drove off back to home.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Tepaia - The real story of Princess and the pea

Once upon a time there lived a Prince he was adopted by a queen and the queen made him a prince once he was a child with no mother she had felt sad so the queen adopted him.

Then the prince went on to find him a nice princess but he couldn't find a princess so he went back to his castle. Then he heard a knock then the Prince went to the door and opened it there was a shaggy ugly person she said that she was a princess but they call her Cinderella she was so ugly but when the shaggy ugly Cinderella said if she can come in but the prince said no only if you are here to be my princess.

So the Princess knocked again loudly then before and said can I come in then the queen just popped out of nowhere and said yes you may then she went inside took her clothes off but she had a dress on then the queen said that she has a test to see if she is a real princess.

So the queen said that they planned to put a pea in the bed and she put 20 mattresses down and she came to the bed is my bed done yes replied the queen.

The next Morning the princess which is wanted to call Cinderella came and sat down and also the queen and prince was there they sat down and started to eat they ate and was also talking as they finished they packed everything up and went to Cinderella's room.

Then Cinderella said that it wasn't that comfortable because i felt a rock or something said the Cinderella then the queen said it was a test she did it she pass the test well they said ah than Cinderella said wait it was a test oh bye Im going to find my own prince not one like you Good by.