Friday, 31 August 2018

Tepaia - Measurement

Tepaia - Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

1 a.
50mm  = 5cm

1 b.
80mm  = 8cm

2 a.
30 mm  = 3 cm

2 b.
2 cm  = 20mm

3 a.
10 mm  = 1cm

3 b.
10 cm  = 100mm

4 a.
6 cm  = 60mm

4 b.
7 cm  = 70mm

5 a.
40mm  = 4cm

5 b.
9 cm  = 90mm

6 a.
30mm  = 3cm

6 b.
3 cm  = 30mm

7 a.
10 cm  = 100 mm

100mm  = 10cm

Tepaia - Warming Up, Cooling Down

Tepaia - How to plant a seed.

Tarpaulin, Easy Grow Pots, Soil - Potting Mix, Any Seed That You Want, Water And The Sun First your easy grow pot then put some soil in your pot but make sure it aint filled to the top mayby half way Put in any seed of your choice then put it in your pot. Then add more soil to make it filled up Then after that add some water  Then let it sit in the sun Care for seedlings once Radish amounts to more than just giving them water. Healthy, robust plants produce faster with higher yields. It will take Four weeks for the radish plant to grow. I think that the radish plant will be grown in 5 weeks.