Monday, 17 July 2017

Fishing day

Yesterday I went fishing with my 2 brothers, my sister, my nephew, my 2 cousins and my brothers friend. First we went to go and get some fishing rods and hooks then we went to mission bay. We went to go to the wharf to go fishing when we made the walk to the wharf we got set up for fishing. My cousin and me went fishing first because we kept talking to my brother how to cast the fishing line. Then my brother went to go and throw my fishing line far that I couldn't even see the fishing line then my brother did my cousins fishing line. Then my brother did every one elses fishing rod then it was time for them to cast there fishing line. After an hour we didn't catch any fish then we saw a spot for fishing so we packed up and went to the spot. When we go there we set up the I learned how to cast then I tought my cousin how to cast then we didn't need anymore help then after 2 hours and a half we had to go home because it was nearly night time then we packed up and then left and that is the end of my story. 
Image result for fishing of the wharf mission bay
Image result for fishing of the wharf mission bay

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Our day at G.I

Yesterday I went to glenn innes  and the short name for glenn innes is G.I. I went with my mum, my 3 sisters and of course my nephew. When we just got to G.I we went straight to the 2 dollar shop. After we went to McDonald to get a hot chocolate then we went to back to the other dollar store. Then i went with my sisters back to McDonald to buy a frozen fanta. When we finished our frozen cokes and fantas we went to the 1 2 3 dollar shop when we were finished we went to go and buy some food. After our food we went home.
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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Matariki 2017

Today was cool but originally like all the other day i have but when it went into night time we went to matariki. I went with my 3 sisters, 2 cousins, my mum, my dad and my little nephew. Then we went to the light trail we had to go around 2 times because my nephew cried to go around again so we went around again. When we had finished walking around the light trail we went to go and buy a light torch  for me, my 2 cousin and my nephew, Then we went down to the park and then we got ready for the fireworks and then here was the countdown 3, 2, 1, and here we go and then the fire woks went up and blew up. After the fireworks we went home and went to bed THE END.Image result for matariki 2017Image result for matariki 2017

Friday, 7 July 2017

Last day of school

Today is Friday the 7th of July. That was the day when school had finished. Now we are in our holidays and holidays are cool. But sometimes holidays can be boring just because we have know one to play with or talk to. sometimes I will go to camp or go to our holiday program and play games or do activities and that is the end of my story bye.Image result for good bye pikachu gif