Monday, 30 July 2018

Tepaia - Goldilocks and the three bears Twisted

One hot and sunny day Goldilocks went out for a long journey to go and pick some raspberries and she forgot to lock the door. The three bears went out for a walk and the were tired and Mama bear said can we have a rest and Baby bear said me too and daddy bear said alright okay. Daddy bear said okay we will go there and Baby bear said YAS. They walked right inside.

And sore that there were three porridge for  Mama Bear, Baby Bear and Daddy Bear. Daddy bear went to the small bowl of porridge, Mama bear went to the big bowl and Baby bear went to the medium bowl but Daddy bear said I don't like this it is just right I like mine HOT. Mama bear said i don't like mine either it to hot and i like mine cold. Baby bear said i don't like mine either it is to cold for me I like mine just right. So they all swapped bowls and they all said it is just right but then the sore the chairs.

Daddy bear had a medium chair Mama bear had the big chair and Baby bear had a small chair and Baby bear said said 'This chair is just right'. But Mama bear and Daddy bear had the wrong chair so they swapped and they said 'It is just right'. They went upstairs and Daddy bear had the right bed so did Mama bear and Baby bear they all fell asleep.

Goldilocks was just outside the doors and she hears a loud growl a medium growl and a Baby growl and she wondered what was it so she walked inside and sore all three porridge eaten. She walked into the living room and sore that all three chair's were sat in. She walked up stairs and sore the three bears she screamed AH the bears woke up and sore Goldilocks so they quickly ran down stairs and ran out the door and the three bears never ever came back.

Tepaia - Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name is little red riding hood. One hot and summery day little red riding hood went out for a walk. She came back as soon as she can

Because her grandma was so sick and she was lonely. So the mother made up some food for the grandma and little red riding hood. Little red riding hood went to take the food to the grandmas but she didn't go to the grandmas first. She had a little visit at the grandpas house and the grandpa asked what are you doing here and little red riding hood replied i’m going to visit grandma. 

Then little red riding hood asked grandpa if he wanted to come. He responded yes please then they started to set off. As soon as possible they just made it to grandma's house then the knocked on the door. Then the grandma said who’s there and they said it’s me little red riding hood and grandpa. Oh come in they slowly opened the door then they setted everything up so they can have food. But the grandpa asked little red riding hood if they can have a little talk .Then little red riding hood wen to go and picked some flowers.

Then something went wrong the closet slowly opened then the big humongous wolf came out of the closet and gobbled grandma and grandpa up. The little red riding hood was all online but she didn't know so she walked inside the house and said grandpa i pick some flowers but he didn't reply and she wondered why .She walked into grandma's room. 

Then all you could see was the big bad wolf lying on the bed with a big stomach. Then all you could here is come closer, come a little bit closer then little red riding hood said well grandmother you got really big ears you have, well grandmother you have really big eyes you have well ,grandmother you have really big teeth. Then all you could here was arhhhh you can’t get me then a stranger came to help. Then he quickly opened the door and then all you could see was a wolf chasing little red riding hood. The stranger did something with the wolf he had an axe then grandma and grandpa came back and little red riding hood said how can I thank-you to the stranger and he saw some food and he said you can thank me if you let me have some food with you’s and they said sure and that is my story of little red riding hood

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Tepaia - Free Writing


Hello guys if you are wondering where I have been I was just doing work on my Chromebook.

And guess what this is my free writing so I get to talk about anything so yeah let’s get into it.

Greeting to all my name is Tepaia a have just turned 11 on the 18th of June and yeah that’s the end of my story BYE… JOKES

HAHAHA I am in room 8 math and my teachers are Mr Goodwin, Miss Parrant and Miss Szymanik and I like to learn about math and much more.

I don’t like to learn about subject that I have already learned. I like when we have some free time when we are good.

My favorite color is Black, White, and Purple. My favorite food is Butter Chicken I really love Butter Chicken. My favorite animal is a cheetah and last but not least My favorite T.V. show is Nickelodeon

Thanks for checking out my blog Guys I hope I see you next time Bye.