Friday, 27 September 2019

Toy shop

Today me and my school had a chance to watch our school production. It was called toy shop on zip zip avenue at Point England school. It was really fun to watch, my favorite highlight about the production is how the dancers had come on stage and started to dance my second favorite highlight is how the transformer (Tuluinga) had started to dance!!!

Well done to everyone who has joined our school production it was fun to watch and to the people who didn't want to join maybe next time you should?.
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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Blood cells

The guts

Problem Solving

Task description: I had to solve these question by doing algebra and more


Task description:For my work today I had to piece all of the puzzles together to find out what was the message

Is candy better than chocolate?

Do you think candy is better than chocolate?

Well, what I think about this question is that chocolate is way better than candy. Well, there are three reasons why I know chocolate is better.

The first reason why I think chocolate is better than candy is because eating hard candy could get stuck between your teeth but with chocolate, it just melts in your mouth and it is so scrumptious.

The second reason why I think it is better is because if someone has a tooth problem they don't want to bite into a hard piece of candy when you can just bite into a soft chocolate.

The third reason why is because eating hard candy could give you lots of rotten teeth and it also could give you decay, and it would be very yuck.
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Monday, 23 September 2019


Task description: For my maths this week me and my group have done this video because we had to create a song but with our own bedmas song.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Good education=good future

Well to have a good education you have to get a good education from teachers going to a privet school or a public school it could change your lives there are test,Math,Reading,Writing and more subjects like that.

Well of getting a good education could make you a better person and also be one smart person but it is not just about being smart it could help you By getting a career or a job that inspires you.

If you want a career that inspires you and interests you have a good education. Well getting a job could be everything it could make you money to get you a house for you and your family and it also change your life.

Well just imagine if you didn’t get a good education it could lead you to not getting a great future job or if you have ever wanted to have your dream job always studies and become a better person. Getting a good education could make your life easier and more happier.

My question to use all is do you have a good education or future?
Getting a good education could make a happier person.
Getting a job could change peoples lives.
Getting a career that does inspire you will make you change.
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Plant cells

Task description: What I had to do was I had to explain what is the difference between a plant cell and a body cell and what else I had to explain was what they both have.

Nerve cells

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

What's inside a cell?

Task description: This week me and my group had made this presentation about What is inside a cell we had to do this and put a photo up and had to talk about what are we going do.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Reading Wk 6

Quick writes Wk 5

Quick writes wk 6

Quick Writes

Writing Week 4

Area,Perimeter and volume

Adding Decimals

Adding Decimals 

Add the decimals and whole numbers to answer the questions below. Remember to show your working you can do this by writing it in the document or inserting a photo.

Working and answer 
0.2 + 0.5=
0.4 + 0.1=
0.5 + 0.3=
0.6 + 0.1=
0.7 + 0.2=
0.4 + 0.4 =
0.6 + 0.3=
3.1 + 5.7=
9.4 + 3.4=
6.8 + 5.1=
4.3 + 5.3=
1.6 +7.3=
1.2 + 3.7=
1.2 +2.2=

In these questions, your decimals add over the decimal point. 
Working and answer
0.9 +0.6
0.7 + 0.7
1.5 + 0.8
2.9 + 0.3
1.7 + 1.8