Friday, 20 November 2015

Maniakalani Film Festival

On Wednesday our whole class went on an adventure to Sylvia park. When we went to Maniakalani film festival  to watch all of the class movies.

When we walked into the theatre I saw hundreds of chairs. The theatre was dark with big red chairs. The big red chairs were relaxing and it looked comfortable like a marshmallows. The screen was so big, it was bigger than Mr Blakey and bigger than a dinosaur.

We watched movies made by our school on the big screen. The movie I liked was best of all was the real story of the three little pigs.  It was so exciting when I saw my best friends on the big screen.

Museum trip

Learning about Dinosaurs at the  Museum

On our trip to the museum we turned into paleontologists. The palaeontologists is like what they look for but they look for bones like fossil of like dinosaur fossil. If the dinosaurs steps in the sand that sinks they will sink to the bottom of the ground. They Use small brushes and big brushes to sand out the sand to get the dinosaur bones. When you have done that all you will see all of the dinosaur bones.

Jezakaia was holding Tyrannosaurpoo. We had to have a look at it then we had to smell it and then we had to stand up in front of the whole class and then jezakaia had to tell all the whole class what was it. Then he said I'm holding poo he said. Then the whole class was laughing and then we had to sit back down

Tyrannosaur skull. Nahea Was the same size like the Tyrannosaur skull because she was small like a little dinosaur that can fit in his big mouth.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Hungry Caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar was so hungry he eat one Apple and he was stil hungry he eat two pears and he keeps on eating and then he was so fat he turned into a Chrysalis then it turned into a beautiful butterfly  

Number wall.

This is my number wall.